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 Henan xinzheng gold leaf spice co., LTD was founded in1988Years,Formerly xinzheng tobacco flavoring perfumery plant,1997In the restructured into a company limited by shares,1998In the first by the national tobacco monopoly bureau established a national cigarette flavoring designated supply enterprise,2000The years passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification,2008It is evaluated“Henan province science and technology enterprises”,2011Pour the casting in company“China”牌商标被河南省工商行政管理局授予河南省“Famous brand”。The company is located in xinzheng PeiLiGang road eastern north。It zheng han city adjacent to the city centre,Railway、Highway、Air traffic condition is superior, etc,Is an ideal office place of business。The company registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff98People,Cover an area of an area7000Square meters,Mainly engaged in cigarette flavoring production and sales。The company equipment is advanced、Strong technical force。The company hired well-known experts throughout the country as a consultant,And with the institute of zhengzhou light industry、...
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