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  Tornado network technology co., LTD., established in fuzhou2014Years8Month,Focus on mobile game development and mobile game distribution business in the Middle East,Is a rapid rise of the Internet game company。

  At present has been completed《Nautical returning》《The era of sailing》The research and development,Signed depth cooperation agreements with many parts of the world,Company long-term cultivation in the Middle East market,With the internationalization of professional team,We will endeavour to be in the Middle East issue of the new power,In the world has more than500Thousands of loyal players,Is now in China、South Korea、Outstanding achievements were made in North America and the Middle East。

  Dragon core members from the net、IGG、Companies such as baidu and tencent。In order to“Tenacity、Rapidly、Dare to”The enterprise culture for the purpose,Strive to achieve the long-term vision of the enterprise。

  1. The combustion battle hymn

    هيا نستمتع بأجمل الحروب والآحداث وإقضاء أجمل الأوق…

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  2. The dark knight

    《The dark knight》Is an original story line3DThe magicARPGMobile games,The grandeur of the game screen will be the full of magic、A hero…

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  3. Magic and order

    《Magic and order》At the door of the magic story background for the game,Put together more than tens of thousands of players225Thousands of magnificent large map,The recruitment…

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  4. ملك القراصنة

    لعبة ملك القراصنة هي أول لعبة أونلاين عربية مجانية…

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  5. 무역왕

    ▣ 자유로운 무역을 즐겨라! - 자유로운 투자, 물가 조절,선장 조합, 24시간 자동 무…

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  6. The era of sailing

    《The era of sailing》Is a highly reducing the risk of the era of large Marine form class mobile game。Many famous roles、The ship appeared in the game,Global trade,One thousand people…

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  7. صراع الهوامير - Clash of Pirates

    أهلاً بكم في لعبة المغامرات و القراصنة و الحروب ال…

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