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20000㎡Large power tube,PEFeed pipe,Double-wall corrugated pipe production base, etc。The modern worldPEThe plum flower tube production line、PEFeed pipe production line、Solid wall pipe、PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe、For heat pipe production line。Production capacity is strong,It can customize according to need,Meet different users to the requirements of the pipes and fittings。Manufacturer provides straightly,Save layers of middlemen,More cost-effective。

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Sheng ding pipe pipe fitting are all manufactured quality raw materials production。Strictly control the build process,The first check、Checking、Shipment inspection strictly,To ensure product quality, and the stronger。

Broaden the resources,Assist sales


Provide local double-wall corrugated pipe for the dealer,The plum flower tube engineering resources,Assist sales。Based on actual sales dealers six months or a year,Give more preferential support。

The spot is enough,Order the hair


With large finished goods warehouse。Perennial inventory includingMPPPower tube、HDPEDouble-wall corrugated pipe、PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe and pipe fitting。May at any time to meet customer bulk requirements,Achieve timely order timely take delivery。

Anytime and anywhere,Attentively service


After spot orders24Hours of delivery,Holidays normal delivery。Experienced engineers,At the scene of the installation guide,To ensure the accuracy and security of pipeline construction。Free return and quality reason,After not return visit to customers on a regular basis,Continuously improve products。


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Baoji sheng ding LTD co., LTD
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Baoji sheng ding LTD co., LTD. Was established in2005Years9Month16Day,The company is located in baoji in shaanxi hi-tech development zone is produced abundant western road8Number,Cover an area of an area20000Square meters,The company registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan。The company has advancedMPPPower tube、PEThe plum flower tube production line、PEFeed pipe production line and solid wall pipe、PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe、For heat pipe production line,Annual output of steel tubes10000Tons。Products are widely used in water supply、Drainage、Communication optical cable casing、Cable shielding casing、Fire water、The highway drainage,The fuel gas、Compressed air lines、Oil and coolant with catheter、All kinds of municipal、Industry、Mine、Breeding、Agriculture、Row…

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Congratulations to baoji sheng ding pipe of the first enterprises in baoji new material industrial parkCongratulations to baoji sheng ding pipe of the first enterprises in baoji new material industrial park


High-tech new material industrial park construction yao good issued starts to report from our correspondent Baoji high-tech new material industrial park9Month26Officially started。Party secretary yao lead good order starts。The new material industrial park is combining the reality of baoji baoji high-tech zone,Integration of industry resources,Extension industry chain,Cultivate strengthen advantage industries...

PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe is mainly used in those aspects?In the following6To share!PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe is mainly used in those aspects?In the following6To share!


PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe is a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material,PVCDouble-wall corrugated pipe respectively by inside、The extrusion,A lot of time,The lining is smooth,The outer wall is trapezoidal corrugated,By double wall between the internal and external wall hollow plastic tubing。About its application field is quite extensive,The main application fields are as follows:1...