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LiGuoJi forever Specialized in water treatment equipment development、Manufacturing、Sales、Service。Introducing the world advanced water treatment technology and operations management experience,Focus on meet the scientific research、Detection、Creatures、Medicine、Electrons、Chemical industry、Ultrapure materials and other industries of high quality water demand。For the overwhelming majority of customers with high quality water treatment equipment and technical service support。 Products involved:Industrial pure water treatment equipment、Sewage treatment equipment、Circulating water treatment equipment、Rainwater collection、Laboratory pure water machine、Electronic chemical ultrapure water treatment equipment、Power plant cooling water treatment equipment unit、Metallurgy、Brew、 System of water treatment equipment such as ion exchange softening devices、The ore

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Zhejiang rural integrated water purification equipment work
Zhejiang rural integrated water purification equipment integrated water treatment equipment design of the main work of the organic combination of multiple handling process。Zhejiang rural integrated water purification equipment work Backwash pump use wash in the pool water for processing
LiGuoJi forever【Flow of the public】Ningde city in the town of the Manila city township
Ningde city Manila town township in the rural drinking water safety to consolidate engineering integrated water purifier equipment procurement and installation2019Years08Month20Day09At the right time00Points00Seconds(Beijing time)In ningde Manila city public resources trading
Shaanxi commercial water purifier manufacturers recommendations
Xi 'an ozner is a professional commercial water purifiers、Commercial straight drinking machine production and sales integration of high-tech,Diversification、Internationalization of large-scale environmental comprehensive enterprise,Ozner water purifier USES is the card The whole house water purification,All of us
Northern shaanxi belongs to its water quality is a bit hard don't know which one to use
Can be selected1One or more keywords below,The search related information。Search for information also can be directly point to search the whole problem。 Open all the so-called hard water refers to water contains more calcium、Magnesium ions dissolved。In view of shaanxi
Guangdong automatic gravity water purifiers siphon principle diagram
Guangdong automatic gravity water purifiers siphon principle diagram to integration of sewage treatment equipment all pipesPVCTube or stainless steel tube,Pipe connection between usePVCAdhesive bonding or stainless steel welding。 Packing in suspension creatures
Yong LiGuoJi integrated water purification equipment principle of work
This series of automatic integrated water purifier is particularly suited to the feed water treatment and industrial and mining enterprises、Small waterworks automation management。Automatic water purifier is an important unit to realize the automation management of waterworks,Don't need to
Dongying principle diagram of the integrated water purification equipment
Dongying principle diagram of the integrated water purification equipment with tap water as water source of large pure water equipment set up independent water supply system,Both to ensure the stable operation of the water supply system,Can reduce againROSystem and stopping time of factory
Suning shaanxi qinyuan hand in handbrCaring donation17Water purification equipment
7Month6Day,Su Ningqin garden hand in hand《Xi 'an evening news》, LiGuoJi forever ,In suning golden flower road outside the shop held a large-scale public welfare donation activities。The scene for xi 'an east middle school、Character is the kindergarten、The second benefit of xi 'an

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