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Professional sales all kinds of chrysanthemum tea、Chrysanthemum seedlings

  • 2016-12-8
    2016Fuyang first huai chrysanthemum tourism culture festival opening
    11Month6Monday morning,2016First fuyang huai chrysanthemum tourism culture festival opening and huai chrysanthemum financial poverty alleviation project signing ceremony in small springs town huai chrysanthemum industry garden area line flow。Director of the municipal NongGongWei wen-hua li announced the opening,Wu Jianhua city tourism bureau,District party committee, deputy secretary of the 'springs、Li Fangming district party committee united front work department minister...
  • 2016-12-8
    Gold emperor chrysanthemum chrysanthemum tea can be drunk every day?
    Chrysanthemum tea has been hailed as a new generation of preserve one's health health care tea,Especially in xiushui silk imperial chrysanthemum,A cup!The effect I would not be in this to detail,Believe that a lot of love to drink chrysanthemum tea friends have been very understanding! Gold emperor chrysanthemum chrysanthemum also known as medicine,Its taste fragrance is sweet,Purge toxins in liver,Remove the fire,Promote the blood circulation...
  • 2016-12-8
    Quality control will teach you how to identify picking chrysanthemum tea
    The weather gradually warmer,Has clear liver detoxify chrysanthemum tea and began to sell like hot cakes。But some chrysanthemum use sulfur smoked on the market,Make the appearance of the chrysanthemum more bright-coloured,The temptation to buying public。How to discern the chrysanthemum tea is good or bad,4Month18Day,Give four recruit province pledges inspect bureau of quality control in staff,Help people to distinguish true and false...

Do feng tea industry is introduced

Do feng tea industry is introduced
Fuyang city dry feng tea industry co., LTD., founded in2014Years,Initial investment1500Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area9000Square,The construction area3000Square,Phase ii500Ten thousand yuan,Architectural office500Square,The laboratory100Square。Company into deep processing equipment,Filming for the microwave machine、A controlled temperature drying channel、Natural gas steam boiler、Assembly line type packaging equipment。Buy laboratory equipment,Make the products on-site inspection,To ensure product quality。The factory facilities complete。 The company...

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