• Wire drawing machine

  • Copper clad steel equipment

  • LEDHeading machine

  • Plastic ambush

  • The bridge leads

  • “T”Type of needle

  • Our company is a well-known pin supplier,Here small make up for everybody simple introduce the material of pin and purposes:  The pin is made of bare copper clad steel wire,Tin plated copper clad steel wire,Brass wire,Bronze wire。Way of surface treatment for the bottom of the copper tin plating。  The Lord…

  • Our company is a well-known electronic pin supplier,We have high quality products and first-class service。To introduce the following motion of electrons:  We know now,The final charge carries are small electronic of the constituent atoms。In the movement of atoms,…

  • Our company is a well-known electronic pin supplier,We have high quality products and first-class service。The following introduction of electronic basic properties:  Smaller electronic light weight(Ratio μMeson205Times),Referred to in the subatomic particles…

  • My company as a leading supplier of electronic pin,Products of good quality,The price is reasonable,Favored by customers trust and praise。The following simple introduce electronic classification:  Electronic belong to light a subclass of subatomic particles。 Lepton is considered constituents…

  Dragon king electronics co., LTD(Shandong gold and electronic technology co., LTD )Is a collection of electronic components production、Electronic equipment manufacturers、Electronic wire processing for an integrated electronics company。 Mainly specialized in the production of electronic componentsLEDDigital tube pin,Pin terminals、An ambush、Inductive needle and variousCOBAll kinds of round platePINThe needle,Is in the northPINThe needle manufacturers。Product line diameter0.3、1.0。From the length2.5-35mmSuch as the full range of specifications,From the copper clad steel wire--Wire drawing--To shape--Electroplating process performed by yourself。Fast line logistics delivery to ensure the product delivery on time。
  Electronic equipment manufacturing mainly specializing in the productionLEDHeading machine、Wire forming machine、Diode lead heading machine、PINThe needle machine、High speed wire drawing machine and the manufacture of copper clad steel equipment。Precision of equipment need hard working team,Company hire a taiwan-owned equipment lead technical elite,Combined with our company has always been adhering to the“Dry is first-class”The spirit of enterprise,Production equipment lead a high precision、Low consumption、The operation is simple,Mass production and take the lead in this enterprise。Company to colleges and universities、Academy for technical backing,Strengthening technical innovation,The production of high-speed wire drawing machine sold throughout the country,The quality of products reach the international standard。Company is the main characteristic of copper clad steel equipment production process using the non-toxic formula,Process stability,Equipment structure is compact,Cover an area of an area small,Production speed is high,Electric power is small,Easy to operate,Goods are superior in quality。Is the current domestic new type of high speed copper clad steel wire production unit。Above all the production equipment are used in our enterprise is the production line,Welcome customers to visit at any time。
  Electronic wire mainly in the production of high quality copper clad steel wire,Copper plating thickness,In combination with high strength,Product quality is stable,Mainly used in the production line、Coaxial cable、Electronic products manufacturers……

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