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Alloy steel sheet metal material co., LTD is a professional engaged in sales of hot rolling65mnThe steel plate、4A thick20mnThe steel plate、3A thick30mnThe steel plate、5Mm thick40mnThe steel plate、Cold rolling45mnThe steel plate、Imports35mnThe steel plate、Spring50mnSteel enterprises。The main business WuGang、Baosteel、Anshan iron and steel、Shougang、Days steel、Panzhihua board each big steel mills.And we can processing according to your requirements、Cutting all kinds of special-shaped products,Also can according to your requirement set rolling a variety of material specifications of the futures。

Companies adhering to the“Quality benefits,The good faith and win-win、Innovation and efficiency”The core values,Build efficient logistics value-added chain,The first-class service,In line with the prestige first,The meager profit but high turnover principle,With the high quality service,Flexible business model to develop the market;Companies with major steel mills of long-term, stable relations of cooperation,To ensure the company for the new and old customers with quality products and excellent service,Efforts in the industry to create a first-class level of marketing system。

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Baosteel65mnWhy do you want to add to strengthen steel back?

Baosteel65mnWhy do you want to add on the back of the reinforcement steel sheet?Contains strengthening rib on the back of baosteel65mnSheet metal curtain wall perpendicular to the surface under uniformly distributed load,Rib stiffener layout and in strengthening the fixed distribution around a large stress concentration,Significantly affect the bearing capacity and its metal curtain wall...


14mmThick40mnThe mechanical properties of the steel plate and process performance

14mmThick40mnSteel plate is based on wear resistance wire,Add carbon as the main element of the iron carbon alloy。Carbon content below2.11%The iron carbon alloy called steel,The other major elements and silicon、Manganese、Sulfur、Phosphorus, etc。It has the good physical、Mechanical and process performance,Mainly displays in the following six aspects...


18Mm thick40mnSteel plate is mainly used in what respect?

18Mm thick40mnSteel plate and thin wall18Mm thick40mnThe biggest difference is that the steel plate18Mm thick40mnThe thickness of the steel wall,As a general rule,Thin wall18Mm thick40mnSteel plate are cold drawing technology,And18Mm thick40mnGenerally use steel hot rolling technology,If it is to use metrics...


Reduced4A thick20mnA measure of the steel plate welding deformation

Reduced4A thick20mnA measure of the steel plate welding deformation is a reasonable choice of weld size and the size of the weld dimension groove form,Is not only related to the welding work,But also have great influence on welding deformation。Weld size large,Welding volume is also big,Filler metal consumption,Caused by welding deformation is big。...


40mmThick50mnSteel plate how to keep?

For40mmThick50mnSteel plate keep what we should do?Below small make up to be for you:A、Reasonable stacking、First in first place1、The principle of stacking requirements are in pallet firm、To ensure the safety conditions,Do it according to the breed、Specifications of pallet,Different kinds of materials to pallet, respectively...


25A thick40mnWhat must pay attention to the steel plate is saved?

25A thick40mnBesides the shape steel sheet,No difference and ordinary steel plate,Performance is also stable,But the using range and it is not the same,Save the way also slightly different。Let the next25A thick40mnSteel manufacturers and technical personnel, and share25A thick40mnThe preservation of the steel plate...


5Mm thick40mnPreparation of steel plates

5Mm thick40mnSteel is a kind of preparation technology will outside the tube body and lining tube body,Adopt the method of deformation(Lining pipe expansion or foreign body compression),The technology of inside and outside the tube body together。It includes thermal composite technology and cold composite technology。Composite including hot rolling composite and hot extrusion composite, etc。Hot...


Alloy65mnAlloy steel and other engineering65mnThe performance of the steel plate

Alloy65mnAlloy steel and other engineering65mnPlate performance comparison:Alloy65mnSteel plate is higher molecular weight180Linear metal chrome,As a-New type engineering alloy65mnA variety of excellent performance at plate set-The body:1.Alloy65mnThe wear resistance of steel plate in the alloy65...

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