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Finance and trade integration,Choice of finance

The leading domestic foreign trade enterprise financial business integration solutions provider,To realize the integration of the business management and financial management,Data and management to achieve the bidirectional flow and interaction,To help your business safe and effective information,Let enterprise security towards the integration of finance and trade office!

Management group,Zhang set of configuration

Tree levels of integration management group company,Implemented by the company at lower levels from the business to the financial comprehensive monitoring and management,Can fully master all real-time statistics,Tracking the happening situation of every business。East of finance through the multiple account sets、The concept of identity。The user can perform all of the companies,Can also be used in a company has two identities。

Professional foreign trade,20Years of industry experience fall in love

East of finance specialized foreign trade industry20Years,Since93Years of independent development up to now,Continuous improvement in practice、Perfect,Help small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and business!

The business flow,Choice of finance

Business process control,From the occurrence of every business to collect progress payment,Each step of the operation were all recorded,The system to provide a full backup、Incremental backups and transaction log backups,Refer to the concept of financial center,All of the funds and bank transfer can be traced back to source。

Core strengths

20Years of industry experience of foreign trade,Fully reflects the unique law of foreign trade,Completely suitable for foreign trade enterprise of the financial system,Simply enter the business description information can generate the corresponding certificate。
The combination of foreign trade and financial operation mode,Greatly improve the efficiency of the financial personnel,Its foreign trade finance say that no one can and professional characteristics。

Wide range of application

Specification of the business process,In any large group of companies or small and medium enterprises are applicable。

Leading multi-tier architecture concept

A tree hierarchy of collectivization management mode,Facilitate corporation subsidiary company for billing、Report management。

Visual configuration interface

Business description、The corresponding calculation program、The three statements,The user can be independent management。

Simple deployment

Efficient deployment,Real-time upload real-time rendering,Reuse existing system process and data。

  • Multi-level user management functions
    Support for users to add and import,With job numberIDCan be closely integrated,The latest user information real-time synchronization,Which is convenient to manage all the users。
  • Rich system log statements
    The system to provide a full backup、Incremental backups and transaction log backups,A full backup to keep every day90Days,Help administrators have full knowledge of the whole situation of system。
  • The expansion of the rich and practical function
    Provide financial statements report formula to generate a key、Automatic generation of credentials、More subjects' configuration used to subsidiaries of the formats and other extensions,The user can be the most convenient to carry out the daily work。
For foreign trade enterprises can quickly generate credential information。Thereby greatly reducing the complexity using standard voucher entry,Improve the work efficiency。

Our service

The east of finance,Focus on the foreign trade management field20Years,Hundreds of enterprise's management wisdom,Tube、Pipe customers、Tube order、Financial tube、Risk of tube,Professional help foreign trade enterprise with wings of the mobile Internet。
The era of global trade,Gather industry application,Our service is everywhere。

Multiple page work

Tabs can switch,Don't have to forced to jump interface for new content,A number of job content parallel processing

Unified entrance

All resources integration enterprise Intranet,OA、CRM、ERP、Mail system,Single sign-on (sso),Do not need to verify password

A key to

Office process too much,Classification menu click,Can quickly find the core content

The customer is supreme

5*8Hours of free online support service,A quick response

Case of cooperation

East finance &trade tong is anhui east electronic information co., LTD. Its a specifically for foreign trade companies、Industry and trade company of foreign trade business financial integration management platform。
Anhui east electronic co., LTD., is through the country“Double soft”Acknowledgment、An innovative software company committed to the development of Internet applications and software。
2016Year won“National high and new technology enterprise”The certificate
Have been engaged in for many yearsMISSystem development,Already has a set of software products with independent intellectual property rights,Has accumulated rich experience in software development and implementation。