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Su highland machine tool co., LTD. Is a machine tool plant restructuring established by su much,The original national machinery industry fixed-point production of forging equipment manufacturers,Was built in1998Years,With nearly 20 years of the historical background。On the basis of different development philosophy,We advocateThe importance of quality is greater than the profit,Our product performance and quality levels far above the tengzhou the region industry。Now our company are under the leadership of municipal party committee municipal government vigorously support and attention,The development and expansion。Business expanded into a projectNc drilling machine、C41Series air hammer、Shaping machine、Vertical drilling machineCNC vertical drilling machineVertical drilling machine accessories、Gear hobbing machine、Metal band sawing machine、Hydraulic press、Broaching machine, etc。
One of the vertical drilling machine is the company's flagship product。We focus on vertical drilling machine manufacturing research and development in recent 20 years,And in the numerical control vertical drilling machine,Vertical drilling machine adopt the high-quality goods accessories accessories,The quality and accuracy is higher than with the enterprise level。We always adhere to the quality first,Perfect quality inspection system and improving the service level,The highland with friends from all walks of life hand in hand,To grow into a quality machine tools,Responsible famous upright drilling brands and manufacturers!
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Address:Su longquan industrial park in shandong province88Number
Contacts:The song's manager
A mobile phone:18563225657
The phone:0632-5806100
About the high products
About the high products
Su highland machine tool co., LTD. Is the tengzhou one of the few truly vertical drilling machine production research and development,CNC vertical drilling machine,One of the machine tool manufacturer vertical drilling machine accessories。My company quality vertical drilling machine series products,The characteristic is to use inexpensive,The price is the best tengzhou area,Don't let customers spend a penny…

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Address:Su longquan industrial park in shandong province88Number The phone:0632-5806100 A mobile phone:18563225657