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Fengcheng of jiangxi hung hum seed industry co., LTD is located in the provincial capital60Kilometers of cowpea cross the town township of yuan。Which covers an area of over5000Square meters or so,Is the national specialized in cowpea numerous research、Sales、For the integration of science and technology private joint-stock enterprises。

The company has senior agronomist2Name,Professional and technical personnel10The name and a number of years engaged in the marketing team of talents。

More than a decade,The company painstaking efforts,Experts breeding,To stabilize the quality of seeds,Good market reputation and market network for the merchants to provide quality services,For the farmers make more money。

A unified national customer service hotline

Service time:9:00-17:30

Address:Cross the town of feng city yuan within the new farmer's market(The post office) Email:hongxinseed@126.com

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