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About us

         Taizhou chang heng technology co., LTD. Is a company depends on the establishment of zhejiang chang heng machinery co., LTD. A collection of research and development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales、Service in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises。

         Company specializing in the production and operation of machine tool automatic up-down material plane、Stamping/Forging automatic production system、Straight seam/Girth/Copying welding equipment and welding robot、Handling、Spraying、Grinding、Pallet automation integrated system,Acting sales of the mt brand welding machine and its accessories、In the attachment。

         The company is the shandong Mr Too electric co., LTD. Taizhou region of the total distribution,Taizhou region of Japan's kawasaki robot partner,Accumulated in continuously consolidate welding、Metal stamping、Injection molding、Machining of traditional industry such as application at the same time,Concentrating on hot dip galvanized、Red hot forging、Assembly、Test new application fields such as market ! To make the company system is complete、Efficient operation、Leading technology、Management science、Excellent culture、Benefit is good,Enterprise group with international competitiveness and sustainable development ability。

        We are in a highly integrated technical strength,To provide high performance、High quality、High security products and services for the mission,Got the trust of society and customers;We fully understand the social responsibility of the enterprise,By the good faith、Has the vigor、Have discipline、Responsible and efficient execution of the works as the basis,Constant progress!

The company environment

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