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Buy block preferred shandong machinery equipment,Free shipping,Can be customized according to customer's requirements of concrete block machine,Using imported material,To fill the domestic mold not wear-resisting,The blank of low strength.Block device USES a rotary feed,Patented technology.Compact structure,Pure hydraulic equipment brand authority,Welcome to inquire the price and other issues:0539-7228858.
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The hydraulic block machine 

  ShandongJunanJade feng hydraulic machinery factory to factory1996Years,Is a block machine(Concrete block device、The hydraulic cushion block device、In the shear wall support machine、Automatic hydraulic equipment、Semi-automatic hydraulic equipment、Static block device),Baking-free brick machine etc give priority to the innovative enterprises。“China council for the promotion of trade”Vice-chairman unit、“Patent shandong star enterprise”、“Innovative enterprises in China”The good faith management10Years,To innovation as the core、Guided by customers convenient use for the invention。Welcome friends from all over the world come and visit、Guidance、The choose and buy!Our expert will solve various hydraulic block for you、Support、The horse stool forming scheme!Provide design field、Technology formula、Free debugging equipment installation、To train skilled workers。

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