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Zhuhai dream network technology co., LTD. Wholly owned by zhongshan reading lang electronic co., LTD,Is a Internet education applications and electronic digital products research and development company。The company is committed to zeroK12Stage of students to provide the best education products,Product research and development have a student flat、Children's tablet、Watch children's intelligence、The application of mobile education,Popular with users and praise。In the company2010Years3Month was established,The registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Has a young、Has the vigor、Strong r&d team,And rich in content and teacher education resources,The company will continue to innovation,New education model to explore the Internet era,To provide users with more and better education products,Chinese parents and students to create the most popular education technology brands。

The company environment

The company has an independent office park,Located in the zhuhai high-tech zone all science and technology39Number,To build a new total amount2One hundred million yuan of research and development of the building,Provide employees with good working environment、Humanized services、The progress of growth stage。

Students tablet

Students tablet

Children's tablet

Children's early education tablet

Children watch

Children's phone watch

Tutor of mobile phone

Tutor of mobile phone

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AndroidSoftware engineer

    Post requirements:
  • 1、University undergraduate computer science related field,Good logic thinking,Love of programming,There is1Years of aboveAndroidDevelopment experience;
  • 2、Have the solidJava/C++The foundation,Pay attention to and good at draw flow chart,Good programming habits;
  • 3、Be familiar withAndroidApplication development framework,Can the independent development of high performanceAndroidApplications;
  • 4、Be familiar withLinuxAnd the systemShellProgramming;
  • 5、Strong learning ability,Like to learn new technology,Optimistic personality,Fortitude。
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    Zhuhai high-tech zone science and technology all in guangdong province39Number

    Zhuhai pursue science and technology co., LTD

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