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The brand is introduced——Second - and third-tier cities hotel chain brand

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Is the guest still the best hotel is Qingdao life group co., LTD., its flagship brand,Focus on the second - and third-tier cities joining development of small and medium-sized hotel chains,For mass consumer groups、Comfortable、Warm hotel accommodation service。Different from the traditional image of the general budget hotel,It is the guest insists on the design to upgrade,In addition to“Beautiful design”,Are still there2016Is put forward“Beauty sleep”The experience to upgrade plan。Is the guest optimal“Sleep”(Beautiful design+Beauty sleep)Concept,Has become a new consumption concept of budget hotel chains。

How to open a hotel

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Follow is the guest optimal four steps open a shop,Have a nice and high quality of the hotel!

Hotel chain to select

The hotel location

Located in this area,Why?

Hotel to decorate learning

Hotel construction

How to decorate?Here are the university asked

Hotel chain to join operations

Hotel operations

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Join the hotel chain marketing knowledge new tricks

The hotel marketing

Marketing new moves,Do you understand?


One-stop service

Chain hotel management service

Join the advantage

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To support

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Joining fees

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Joining process

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Hotel rendering

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News and information

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